Will working from home be the new normal for many?

Working from home is not for everyone. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic many more individuals are finding out if they are cut out for home based working and companies are evaluating it’s effectiveness as they prepare to let some employees back into the workplace over the next couple of months. Research has found working from home, can boost employee productivity, improve work-life balance and foster better mental health.

Some employers have taken extra steps to help their employees work remotely during the pandemic. Federal and state governments have offered grants and loans to businesses needing to upgrade their remote-work technology.

Who is best suited for working from home?

It’s mostly something that knowledge workers with computer-based jobs are able to do. Millions of Americans — from grocery clerks to ER physicians — don’t have that luxury.

Having a suitable workspace, office furniture, equipment and robust broadband are all requirements for effective homebased workers and businesses.

Also worth remembering: some people who are now working remotely aren’t doing so because their employer likes it, but because it’s become a necessity to get jobs done.

Before the pandemic, some employers just didn’t have the tech chops to allow remote work. For instance, According to Routefifty.com only 19% of local governments had any telework arrangements for their employees in 2019; fewer than half the states did.

But employers also know that not every worker will want to work from home, either due to tech issues or the lack of sociability. In a recent report remote workers called loneliness their biggest struggle with working from home and 17% cited collaborating and/or communication.

With the possibility of rotating shifts within offices to accommodate social distancing a part time work from home model may be more common.

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